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Trieste Ferry

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Trieste Ferry

There are frequent departures to Greece and to the other destinations with ferry Trieste. Ferries from Trieste are the most ferry crossing to Igoumenitsa, Patras and alternative ferry ports.
Minoan Lines is ferrying the route from Trieste to Greece:
Minoan Lines runs from Trieste to Igoumenitsa and Patras with the ferries Cruise Europa and Cruise Olympia.

The crossing to Igoumenitsa lasts aprox. 25 hours.
The crossing to Patras takes aprox. 31 hours.

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trieste ferry
Book your ferry Trieste with any ferry company that suits you better and enjoy your ferry trip to Greece!
Buy your Trieste ferry in advance and organise your trip to Greece better and on time.

Have a nice trip!


Ferry from Trieste




Distances to Trieste

From Milan to Trieste: 415 km   From Munich to Trieste: 500 km   From London to Trieste: 1640 km
From Torino to Trieste: 545 km   From Cologne to Trieste: 1070 km   From Calais to Trieste: 1470 km
From Florence to Trieste: 400 km   From Stuttgart to Trieste: 730 km   From Paris to Trieste: 1260 km
From Ancona to Trieste: 450 km   From Frankfurt to Trieste: 890 km   From Brussels to Trieste: 1240 km
From Venice to Trieste: 160 km   From Berlin to Trieste: 1080 km   From Amsterdam to Trieste: 1325 km
From Bari to Trieste: 900 km   From Zurich to Trieste: 680 km   From Nice to Trieste: 715 km

Trieste Ferry

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