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If you are planning to explore the Mediterranean Sea, you may want to keep in mind Corsica Ferries as your mode of transportation. This ferry company gives low priced and convenient alternatives for those who need to discover the Mediterranean without breaking the bank.

It was founded in 1968 and has become one of the main ferry businesses in the Mediterranean. The carrier operates a fleet of modern ferries that serve various locations in France, Italy, Corsica and Sardinia.

One of the best things about Corsica Ferries is its affordability. The company offers competitive prices for its ferry tickets, making it an exceptional desire for budget-conscious travelers.

Another benefit of traveling with Corsica Ferries is its convenience. The business enterprise operates several routes that connect major towns and touristic locations in the Mediterranean. Whether you're touring from Nice to Corsica or from Livorno to Sardinia, you are likely to find a ferry that suits your needs.

It also gives a range of onboard services and amenities to make your journey extra comfortable. You can enjoy a meal at one of the onboard restaurants, relax within the comfortable lounges, or catch up on a few emails by use of the free Wi-Fi. The ferries additionally have facilities for families with kids, which includes play areas and baby changing rooms.

If you are traveling with a vehicle, Corsica Ferries offers a handy way to transport your car throughout the Mediterranean. The ferries have spacious vehicle decks that can accommodate cars, motorcycles, or even camper trucks. This helps you discover your vacation spot at your own pace without having to fear about renting a car or relying on public transportation.

In addition to its normal ferry services, Corsica Ferries also offers mini-cruises and day trips that help you discover a number of the loveliest locations in the Mediterranean. You can take a mini-cruise to Corsica, Sardinia, or Elba and discover the lovely landscapes, fascinating cities and wealthy cultural heritage of these islands. Or you may take a day experience to one of the nearby islands and experience a chilled day at the beach.

Corsica Ferries is an fantastic choice for people who need to discover the Mediterranean without spending a fortune. With its low priced costs, convenient routes and onboard facilities, this ferry company offers a cozy and fun maritime experience for everyone. So why not ebook your tickets in advance and begin making plans for your Mediterranean adventure with Corsica Ferries?

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Corsica Ferries booking terms

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It is very important to plan and book your trip as early as possible. While making your hotel reservation, it would be wise to book your ferry tickets as well, so that everything is under your control before you even leave home. Here, you can find the best offer at a price that fits your budget!

Making a reservation could not be faster and easier. All you have to do is select the destination, the departure date and click on "search". You will immediately see all the updated and available itineraries in real-time!

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The vessels of Corsica Ferries that connect the Italian and French mainlands with Sardinia and Corsica, as well as with Mallorca, allow passengers to experience comfortable and quick travel across the Tyrrhenian and Balearic Seas.

The conventional vessels of Corsica Ferries, are running frequently from:

  • Livorno and Savona to Bastia, Ile Rousse and Golfo Aranci
  • Piombino to Portoferraio (Elba)
  • Nice to Bastia, Ile Rousse, Ajaccio, Porto Vecchio and Golfo Aranci
  • Toulon to Bastia, Ile Rousse, Ajaccio, Porto Vecchio, Porto Torres, Golfo Aranci and Alcudia (Mallorca)

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Note: Schedules may change by season, so take an optical canvassing via our search engine to receive the updated departures and the valid prices as well as the current availability.

Corsica Ferries accommodation & faclities

Corsica Ferries offers plenty of amenities and facilities on board. Choose what suits you best and arrive fresh and rested on your vacation spot! There is a wide variety of accommodation options to pick out for a night or an afternoon crossing at your arrival port.

Corsica Ferries can carry passengers on board in a preference of 2, 3 and 4-berth cabins or in luxurious suites, as well as in economy numbered airplane type seats and super economy deck seats.

Airplane type seats are numbered seats that are booked at the sanem of each passenger. Passengers can leave their bags at a specifically-designed area next to the garage entrance or bring them along. Passengers can stand up, wander around, visit the sunny deck, the snack bars/eating places and lounges to experience the ship's full facilities!

Enjoy amazing facilities and accommodation alternatives whilst touring within the Mediterranean Sea with Corsica Ferries.

The fleet of Corsica Ferries

Corsica Ferries offers a selection of regular and high-speed ferries sailing to a variety of destinations. Not only will you enjoy a relaxing journey in comfortable surroundings and great dining options, but you will also find the helpful team that will offer you the warmest welcome as they will be sailing with you.

Throughout the year, their conventional and high-speed ferries are operating daily from the ports of Western Italy (Piombino, Livorno, Savona) to many ports in Corsica and Sardinia. They also sail from South France to both islands as well as to Mallorca (Alcudia) in Spain. 

Get to know the fleet of Corsica Ferries, see photos and descriptions and choose the ship type that suits your requirements!

Corsica Ferries owns 13 modern vessels, divided into 3 main categories, the Mega Express (9 conventional), the Cruise Ferries (3 conventional) and the Corsica Express (1 high-speed). The conventional ferries offer many amenities on board as well as more facilities and accommodation options than the high-speed ones. Restaurants (a la carte & self service), cafeterias, bars, playrooms and shops can be found on the company's ships. In addition, passengers can book cabins, reclining airplane type seats and economical deck seats. 

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