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Cyclades Fast Ferries is a leading ferry operator in Greece, providing reliable and comfortable maritime transportation to the Cyclades Islands. The agency prides itself on its modern centers, which are designed to make sure that passengers have a fun and carefree adventure.

Greece is a country famous for its lovely islands, rich past and vibrant culture. If you're making plans a journey to Greece, one of the best approaches to explore the islands is by using a ferry. There are several ferry companies that operate in Greece, however one of the most popular and dependable ones is Cyclades Fast Ferries.

It operates within the Cyclades Islands, which consist of famous destinations such as Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Ios and Heraklion. The corporation was founded in 2004 and has come to be one of the most dependable and favored ferry carriers in Greece.

What makes this agency stand out from other ferry groups in Greece, is their commitment to providing extremely good offerings at low costs. It operates a cutting-edge fleet of ferries which are ready with all of the essential amenities to make sure a comfortable and exciting adventure. The ferries are also well-maintained and provide safety and reliability.

One of the exceptional things of Cyclades Fast Ferries is their large community of routes that connect the Cyclades Islands with the Greek mainland. This makes it clean for tourists to plan their itinerary and discover more than one islands in the course of their experience. The company also operates daily departures, so travelers can easily pick a ferry that fits their schedule.

In addition to their normal ferry offerings, it additionally offers special packages and discounts for businesses, students and families. They also have a loyalty program that rewards common travelers with discounts and different perks.

Cyclades Fast Ferries is an awesome preference for travelers who want to discover the Cyclades Islands in Greece. With their modern fleet, big network of routes, low priced expenses and awesome passenger service, they provide a hassle-free and fun ferry experience. So if you're planning your holidays to Greece, be sure to test out Cyclades Fast Ferries and find out the beauty of the Aegean Sea.

Cyclades Fast Ferries booking terms

Cyclades Fast Ferries tickets

Using our web platform, you will be able to find real-time availability, compare different accommodation categories and book your tickets with Cyclades Fast Ferries.

It is very important that you have organized your journey with Cyclades Fast Ferries in advance, having arranged all the details. In addition to hotel accommodation, when you book ferry tickets you know that everything is under control even before leaving home.

With so many Cyclades Fast Ferries accommodation options to cull from, you can rest assured that you will find the best deal for your destination at a price that fits your budget!

Getting a booking couldn't be faster and easier; all you need to do is to select your destination and your travel date. Click on the search button and wait to be redirected to Cyclades Fast Ferries results! Any reduction or a reduction combination (e.g. Early booking, auto club membership etc) that is provided by Cyclades Fast Ferries, is automatically considered!

Start preparing your suitcases, we wish you a pleasant journey!

Schedule details

Taking the ferry to the Cyclades has never been simpler. Cyclades Fast Ferries provide connections between the Greek mainland and to most Cycladic islands, allowing passengers to experience the natural beauty of the Aegean Sea.

Get timetable details with routes, arrival and departure times and availability of accommodation.

The conventional and high-speed vessels of Cyclades Fast Ferries are operating popular routes, with up to 5 departures each day. Your trip with Cyclades Fast Ferries offers flexibility in luggage, time and comfort.

The routes of Cyclades Fast Ferries

The conventional vessels of Cyclades Fast Ferries, are running every day, all year round, from the port of Rafina (Athens) to Andros, Tinos, Mykonos and more.

Amid the early springtime, Cyclades Fast Ferries adds routes from Piraeus (Athens) and Rafina (Athens) to the most islands of the Cyclades. The ships of Cyclades Fast Ferries are active all year long and undertake the transportation of passengers on the most routes that connect the mainland with west Cycladic islands. 

We suggest you choose one of its many routes and enjoy your trip to your destination!

Cyclades Fast Ferries timetables

Get detailed information related to Cyclades Fast Ferries timetables, arrival and departure times and availability of accommodation. Just fill in the fields and you will be directed to the results regarding the routes of Cyclades Fast Ferries.

Note: Cyclades Fast Ferries timetables may change by season, so take an optical canvassing via our search engine to receive the updated Cyclades Fast Ferries schedules and departures, the valid prices and the current availability.

Accommodation options

Cyclades Fast Ferries can carry passengers on board in a choice of several airplane type or business numbered seats, as well as in a super economy deck seats.

Choose one of the provided accommodation options and arrive fresh and rested to your destination! There is a range of accommodation options to choose for a day crossing to your arrival port.

Business & airplane type seats

Cyclades Fast Ferries business and airplane type seats are numbered seats that are booked on the name of the passengers. Passengers can leave their luggage at a specially-designated area next to the garage entrance or carry with them. Cyclades Fast Ferries passengers can get up, walk around, go to the deck, to the bars and salons and enjoy the ship's full facilities!

Economy deck seats

Cyclades Fast Ferries economy deck seats they are spread all around in each ship but mainly on the top deck!

Economy deck seats actually mean that you can sit anywhere you want on the inside or outside deck and walk around on the ship. However, as  economy deck seats are not numbered or named, once you leave your seat, it is not guaranteed that you will find later the same seats available.

Economy deck seats passengers can leave their luggage at a specially-designated area next to the garage entrance of the ship. As the crew is not considered responsible for any luggage loss or damage onboard, it is recommended to lock your luggage, have your names on them and get at the luggage area before Cyclades Fast Ferries vessel docks at the port to make sure that no other passengers have left with your suitcases.

Note: In the high-speed ships of Cyclades Fast Ferries, the economic deck seats are the same as the airplane type seats.

Cyclades fast ferries facilities

One of the key features of Cyclades Fast Ferries is its fleet of state-of-the-art vessels. These ships are prepared with the modern technology and safety measures, ensuring that passengers can relax and enjoy their adventure in peace of mind. The vessels also are designed to be comfortable, with spacious seating regions and plenty of room for bags.

In addition to its fleet, Cyclades Fast Ferries also offers various facilities to make the adventure as enjoyable as possible. For travelers that want to stay connected on board, the ships are equipped with free Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to check their emails or browse the net. There are also charging outlets for people who want to recharge their gadgets.

For individuals who want to loosen up and unwind in the course of the adventure, Cyclades Fast Ferries gives quite a number entertainment alternatives. The ships have large televisions showing a variety of movies and TV shows, in addition to musicchannels for people who like listening to music. There is likewise, a selection of books and magazines available for passengers who prefer to study.

When it comes to foods and drinks, Cyclades Fast Ferries has masses of options available. There is a cafeteria on board serving a range of snacks and drinks, in addition to a restaurant supplying a choice of warm food. The meals are freshly with the use of domestic ingredients, making sure that passengers can revel in a delicious meal while taking pictures of the beautiful views of the Aegean Sea.

Finally, Cyclades Fast Ferries is committed to providing excellent customer support. The crew is pleasant and helpful and are continually there to answer any questions or concerns that passengers may have. The company also gives a range of services to make the adventure as smooth as possible, including of online check-in and luggage storage areas.

Cyclades Fast Ferries is a notable player for those looking to travel to the Cyclades Islands in Greece. With its present day fleet, modern and spacious facilities, as well as commitment to passenger satisfaction, passengers can be certain of an exciting journey.

Enjoy the ocean, the golden sun and the open decks along with fresh beverages, traditional menus and delicious cakes which are offered on all Cyclades Fast Ferries ships. Quality services make the journey to your destination unforgettable!

Cyclades Fast Ferries Fleet

The Fleet of Cyclades has a variety of ferry types, each designed to cater to different needs and budgets. These include:

  • High-Speed Ferries: These are the fastest ferries in the fleet, offering a comfortable and efficient way to travel between islands. They are equipped with air conditioning, comfortable seating, and onboard amenities such as cafes and bars
  • Conventional Ferries: These are larger vessels that offer more space and amenities than high-speed ferries. They are ideal for longer journeys and are equipped with comfortable seating, air conditioning, cafes, and bars
  • Catamarans: These are smaller vessels that offer a more intimate and exclusive experience. They are perfect for private charters or small groups and are equipped with comfortable seating, air conditioning, and onboard amenities such as cafes and bars

Conventional ships of Cyclades Fast Ferries

Throughout the year the conventional vessels of Cyclades Fast Ferries, are operating daily from the port of Rafina (Athens) to Andros, Tinos and Mykonos.

During the summer period, Cyclades Fast Ferries add routes from Rafina to the most islands of the Cyclades.

Fast vessels of Cyclades Fast Ferries

The fast ship of Cyclades Fast Ferries is active from May to October and undertakes the transportation of passengers on the most routes that connect the mainland with the Cycladic islands. The beautiful ships are offering their services from the port of Rafina and Piraeus (Athens).

Don't miss the chance to travel with the fast vessels of Cyclades Fast Ferries!

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