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In the ferry market, European Ferries has long been a reputable brand, offering millions of passengers dependable and effective transportation services. But as the business has expanded and changed, it has become obvious that a new brand identity is required in order to more accurately represent its principles and long-term goals. We are pleased to present Star Lines as the new face of European Ferries for this reason.

The goal of Star Lines is to offer its clients secure, cozy and reasonably priced transportation services. It makes sense that taking a boat ride may be an unusual and delightful experience and the company works hard to ensure that each journey is one to remember. On their ships, you may experience a sense of homecoming while you explore the Mediterranean Sea.

As part of their rebranding, they've introduced new and updated boats as one of the major modifications. The ferries in the fleet currently include some of the most cutting-edge and eco-friendly ones available, with amenities including roomy rooms, onboard entertainment and excellent eating options. Investing in ships is necessary to give passengers the most experience possible.

Apart from prioritizing client happiness, they are dedicated to sustainability and mitigating their ecological footprint. The new boats include cutting-edge technology that lowers fuel usage and emissions and their operations are planned to minimize waste and encourage recycling.

Of course, without a committed group of experts, none of this would be feasible. Every employee at Star Lines, from knowledgeable captains and crew members to support workers and customer care agents, is dedicated to giving the best possible service. Employee effort and commitment are the foundation of success and Star Lines is honored to have such a gifted and driven staff.

Star Lines will keep growing its routes and offerings while staying true to their dedication to sustainability, comfort and safety. We really hope that you will select Star Lines for your upcoming voyage, regardless of how often you travel.

Star Lines booking terms

The routes of Star Lines

Star Lines, formerly known as European Ferries, offers ferry routes between Brindisi and Vlora, providing a convenient and scenic way to travel between Italy and Albania. Here's everything you need to know about these ferry routes:

Ferry schedule

  • Star Lines runs year-round ferry services, with different itineraries according to the season, between Brindisi and Vlora
  • There are usually more sailings during the summer's peak months, while the schedule may be less frequent during the off-peak season
  • To guarantee your desired travel dates and times, it's best to check the most recent schedule through our online booking system and purchase your tickets in advance

Ferry duration

  • Ferries from Brindisi to Vlora go across the Adriatic Sea in a comfortable and leisurely manner, taking around 8 hours
  • When making your ferry reservation, it's best to allow for a full day of travel as the length may vary somewhat according on the weather and other circumstances

Onboard facilities

  • The ferries operated by Star Lines are outfitted with various amenities to guarantee that passengers have a comfortable and delightful voyage
  • Comfortable seating sections, overnight passage rooms, duty-free stores, onboard cafés and restaurants selling food and drinks, and outdoor deck spaces with views of the ocean are examples of amenities

Ferry tickets

  • With our easy-to-use booking platform, you can buy tickets online for the Brindisi - Vlora route.
    In order to guarantee your desired travel dates and prevent disappointment, it is advised that you purchase your tickets in advance, particularly during the popular summer months
  • Several ticket choices are available to passengers, including as normal passenger tickets, car transportation, and cabin upgrades for overnight sailings

Travel requirements

  • When traveling between Italy and Albania on the ferry, passengers should ensure they have the necessary travel documents, including valid passports and any required visas or permits for entry into both countries
  • It's advisable to check the latest travel requirements and regulations before embarking on your journey to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience

Port facilities

  • The ferry port in Brindisi provides easy-to-use amenities for travelers, such as parking lots, check-in desks, waiting places and access to transfer services for subsequent journeys
  • Similar to this, Vlora's port offers first-class facilities to incoming travelers, along with convenient access to modes of transportation for city exploration or to continue your journey around Albania

Exploring Brindisi & Vlora

  • Exploring lively seaside cities with rich histories and cultural attractions, Brindisi and Vlora are both worth a visit
  • Ancient Roman ruins, quaint seaside promenades and real Italian food in neighborhood cafés and restaurants may all be found in Brindisi
  • Travelers may experience the Mediterranean beauty and warmth of Albania by visiting Vlora, which has beautiful beaches, historical sites and a bustling coastal ambiance

Camping on board

Camping on board is the perfect alternative for traveling in the luxury of your camper or caravan for the cost of an economy deck and vehicle fee!

Travel with your camper/caravan and take advantage of the camping on board benefits; stay on board your vehicle throughout the voyage, enjoy the ship's amenities and save money on accommodation!

You may now spend the entire crossing in your own motorhome, taking use of onboard showers, toilets and 220-volt power outlets. In addition, your pets can travel with you and, if desired, remain in the vehicle.

The camping on board formula from Star Lines is provided by their ferry European Star, for the routes:

  • Brindisi - Vlora (Valona)

Rules of the service

  • The service is dependent to the availability of the camper's unique space, and thus only applies to specific vessels
  • It is completely prohibited to use gas cylinders or light burners, even electric ones. Gas cylinders must be turned off before boarding
  • There are no plugs presently available
  • It is banned to smoke with the car engine in motion
  • If the weather is bad, the captain may limit access to the camping area and request that passengers remain in the interior spaces, in accordance with the safety requirements and code of navigation
  • During the vessel's departure and arrival, people must exit the camping area and access to cars will be given once the vessel is securely moored/departed. (in order to avoid possible injures related to snapping of vessels ropes)

Additional information

  • The camping on board offer is only valid for vehicles registered as campers or caravans
  • Cars, vans and minibuses cannot take advantage of the camping on board service
  • The camping on board service is valid from April 1st to October 31st
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