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Fountain Of Shame On Baroque Piazza Pretoria in Palermo, Sicily

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In the following lines, we have prepared a small user guide that will help passengers get to Palermo by ferry as easily and pleasantly as possible.

Find useful information on how to get to Palermo by ferry, local public transportation options to reach the port of Palermo, port addresses and embarkation offices, ferry schedules and prices, and real-time departures.


The port of Palermo is located in the city center, so you can take advantage of discovering the beautiful Sicilian city. For a few minute's walk or a single bus ride, you can reach the Cathedral, the Norman Palace, the Church of Martorana, the Vucciria, the Piazza Marina, the Piazza Vigliana, and Piazza Pretoria, the Palermo Obelisco all Tredici Vittime, and the Castello a Mare Archaeological Park.


  • Calata Marinai D'italia
  • 90139 Palermo PA
  • Enter the port through the gate located in front of Via E. Amari
  • On your navigator: TOWN = Palermo, STREET = Banchina Piave

Grimaldi Lines at the port of Palermo

  • Molo Piave
    Tel.: +39 0916113691
    Check-in office: +39 0916014517

Grandi Navi Veloci at the port of Palermo

  • Molo Piave
    Tel.: +39 09160726162


All year-round ferries are running to Palermo from Genoa, Livorno, CivitavecchiaNaples, Salerno and Tunis. Cars are allowed on most ferries running to or from Palermo for an additional fee and children usually travel for half price!

Give a departure port and a date and find all possible ferry connections to and from Palermo!

Notice: Each year and depending on the period, there may be more or fewer connections. The biggest ferry operators announce the new ferry schedules by the end of December and the rest of them by January-March each year!


Palermo has 3 transportation types of moving around: Light Rail, Train, or Bus, operated by several transit agencies, including AMAT Palermo S.p.A., Trenitalia, Prestia e Comande, ATM Trapani, Segesta and AST - Azienda Siciliana Trasporti.

Since April 1, 2016, two new free shuttle buses are very useful for tourists. The first bus, called "Free Express", will link the Parking via Basile (terminal of the regional buses) with Piazza Indipendenza, near the Royal Palace. The bus frequency is about every 10 minutes. The second shuttle bus, called "Free Centro Storico", starts from Piazza Indipendenza crossing the old town center and returning at the starting point. Bus stops at the Cathedral, Teatro Massimo, Porta Felice, and near the traditional street markets del Capo, Della Vucciria, and Ballarο. This shuttle bus runs every 11 minutes.

Note: The details about Palermo are for general information purposes only and are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Schedules, prices and availability

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Complete the fields and click on "search" to find timetables and compare the prices of all ferry companies that run to Palermo Port!

Notice: Each year and depending on the period, there may be more or fewer connections to/from Palermo. The biggest shipping companies (ferry operators) announce the new ferry schedules to and from Palermo by the end of December and the rest of them by January-March each year!

Book in advance

Arrange your ferry journey in advance

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Accommodation on board

Book your ideal accommodation option on the ferry to Palermo and arrive fresh and rested at your destination! Comfortable armchairs, business class comfort seats, outside and inside cabins, or economy deck chairs. There is a range of accommodation options to choose from for a day or night ride from or to Palermo port.

About Palermo

The Historic Center
Here guests will discover the city's extraordinary landmarks and key milestones, for example, the Mercati Storici, Piazza Pretoria, also called Piazza della Vergogna (the Square of Shame), and the Quattro Canti, a Baroque square where the memorable quarters meet: Loggia, Kalsa, Albergheria and Capo.

The royal residence of the Normans
The Palace of the Normans, today the seat of Sicily's Regional Assembly, is Europe's most seasoned regal habitation. The Palace sits above the city from a high point and mirrors the undertaking of a strengthened structure declared by the Norman sovereigns, who changed the previous illustrious Arab living arrangement to mirror the power and robustness of the government.

Palermo's Historic Markets
The Mercati Storici, the throbbing beat of the Sicilian capital is a kind of outdoor theater where you can encounter the city's enthusiastic soul.

The Zisa
The Zisa Palace, from the Arabic word signifying "wonderful or glorious", is one of the central precedents of Norman engineering in Sicily. The late spring habitation of the King was worked by laborers prepared in the style of Islam, a culture to which the Normans were emphatically pulled in. The Arab impact is particularly apparent in its flawless beautification and its setting in a recreation center with pools and wellsprings.

Palermo Cathedral
This awesome house of God is Palermo's principal church; with its exceptional layering of various styles, it exemplifies the city's thousand years of history. Its impressive structure has been changed a few times throughout the hundreds of years, and under Arab control, it was changed into a Mosque. The Cathedral houses the tomb of Frederick II.

The Capuchin Catacombs
Uncovered toward the finish of the sixth century underneath the Capuchin Monastery, alongside the Church of Santa Maria della Pace, the Catacombs are not just a fairly grim fascination, but rather likewise a striking tribute to three centuries in the city's life: this underground burial ground is the resting spot of individuals from the respectability and the ministry, and numbers over 8,000 skeletons and embalmed bodies, set out along its dividers.

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