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Before contacting our support team, please take a few minutes to browse our comprehensive go-Ferry Most Asked Question section. It is likely that you will find the answer to your question about your ferry reservation here more quickly!

go-Ferry Asked & Answered Questions

What is “go-Ferry Search & Booking Engine”?

go-Ferry is a ferry search and booking engine that helps travelers to find the best suitable ferry arrangement via co-operating partners worldwide (travel agencies, ferry operators) and completing their purchase with a ferry provider without leaving go-Ferry site. They can use go-Ferry’s booking form to enter their personal details, select any optional extras offered by the ferry provider, and enter their payment details. go-Ferry’s booking form is quick to fill out, simple to use, secure, and is optimized for mobile devices. It, therefore, offers an efficient, high-quality booking experience.

go-Ferry is free to use, and we don't add any fees! We work with our partners (travel agencies, ferry operators) to sell ferry tickets and we receive a small commission for our services.


Who is responsible for my reservations?

Each co-operating ferry provider (travel agencies, ferry operators) is free to set its own prices. Our search and booking engine, show this provider that serves the requested route and offers the lowest price. We don’t set prices and routes ourselves but we make every effort to ensure the information you see on is accurate and up to date but prices can change frequently with availability. As a ferry search and booking engine, we don't advertise prices ourselves, and instead, we display them on behalf of the ferry providers (travel agencies, ferry operators). go-Ferry doesn’t influence prices at all, either, and we are only able to display the rates and availability that the travel providers pass through to us to be displayed. Once you find a ferry that suits you, we simply do the booking on behalf of the ferry provider (travel agency, ferry operator). As a search engine, go-Ferry doesn't actually take any payments; instead, you pay directly with the ferry provider (travel agency, ferry operator).


When and how I can contact my ticket provider?

For your convenience, you can contact us for any questions about completing a booking, booking confirmation, making payments, changes to an existing booking, cancellations and refunds or any questions related to ferry booking, and we will redirect you to the respective provider.

go-Ferry Support Team operates from Monday to Saturday 08:00 - 17:30 (EET / EEST), excluding public holidays.

Mail: [email protected]

Although we endeavor to monitor all E-mails received outside of the above working hours, there is no guarantee that we will be able to respond immediately.

Contact phones

  • English speaking: 0030 2118008990
  • German speaking: 0049 22159988995
  • Greek speaking: 0030 2118008990
  • Italian speaking: 0030 2118008990

Delay responses

Although we are trying to respond to all of our customers' demands, unfortunately, there are periods when this is not feasible due to a very large volume of requests. The delay response is inevitable! We please for your understanding.

Peak periods: June 20 – August 13


When I can collect my boarding-tickets?

The co-operative Port Agencies / Booths / Kiosks to collect your boarding-tickets are open approx. 2-3 hours before each departure.


I am trying to book a ferry ticket, but the system does not allow me to do so. Why?

Answer 1: The reservations system does not allow bookings for journeys with less than 4 days to departure.

Answer 2: There is a possibility that the central server of go-Ferry is temporarily out of order. Try again 5 minutes after.

Answer 3: There is a possibility that the system is experiencing overuse at certain times. Please try again after a short while.

Answer 4: If your problem continues, please let us know.


Can I book without having to use my credit card;

Yes! Now we give you the opportunity to book ferry tickets without using a credit card! You can pay the value of the tickets by bank deposit into our account. For details, please click on BANK TRANSFER on the homepage.


I am over 60 years old. Am I entitled to a discount?

If the shipping company offers discounts (for adults, students, teenagers, children, babies, etc.), the online system go-Ferry will show the corresponding discounted price.


Some shipping companies offer a discount to large families. Will I be entitled to this discount if I book on your site?

Of course! If the shipping company offers this discount, the online system of go-Ferry will show the corresponding discount price.


Will I receive printed tickets for my reservation?

go-Ferry does not issue paper tickets. After you complete your online booking you should print out the relevant information regarding your confirmation. This information should be presented at the check-in office of the shipping company at the port of your departure. There you will receive a boarding-tickets to enable you to embark the ship.


How will I receive confirmation of my booking?

After you complete your online reservation simply print out your booking details. This is your confirmation. So simple, so fast! If however, you make a telephone reservation, your confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail.


I have entered incorrect booking details – what should I do?

If you need to change/modify the reservation you made through our online booking system and that is allowed by the shipping company, please send us an email with the changes you require. In either case, when contacting us in writing or by phone, please remember to quote your reservation code/reference, your e-mail address you did the booking and the leader name of the passengers.

Time is Urgent
If the time between the change/modification and the made/new departure is less than 3 weeks, we recommend you to cancel your reservation online and book a new one with the correct details.

Please note that there is a changing/modification/cancellation fee for every change/cancel made to your reservation in addition to any fees provided by the terms & conditions of the shipping company.


I need to cancel my reservation

No problem! Go to My Booking and request a cancellation of your reservation at any time 24/7.

Please note that there is a cancellation fee for every cancellation made to your reservation in addition to any cancellation fees provided by the terms & conditions of the shipping company.

Notice: Although we endeavor to monitor all cancellation requests received outside of the working hours, there is no guarantee that we will be able to respond immediately.


If I cancel my ticket will I receive a full refund?

A fixed sum of forty (40) Euros (international routes) or twenty-five (25) Euros (routes within Greece) for each booking (not per person) will be deducted from your refund. This amount is the fee charged for the services of go-Ferry and is in addition to a possible cancellation fee charged by the shipping company.


What are the normal cancellation charges of the Shipping Companies?

Most shipping companies charge the following cancellation fees:

  • 0% cancellation fee for not complying with the service for reasons of force majeure (eg bad weather).
  • Up to 31 days before departure there are no cancellation fees.
  • From 30 days to 21 days before departure, 25% of the booking value will be charged for cancellation.
  • From 20 days to 15 days before departure, 50% of the booking value will be charged for cancellation.
  • From 14 days to 8 days before departure, 75% of the booking value will be charged for cancellation.
  • From 7 days before departure to departure 100% of the booking value will be charged for cancellation.
  • After departure: No money will be refundable and no changes to tickets will be made.

Discounted tickets aren’t refundable!

NOTE: The answers above are indicative only. The precise conditions of cancellation fees for your chosen shipping company can be seen at the last stage of the online booking process before you enter your payment details.


Do I need to confirm the departure time?

The shipping companies are by law obliged to contact their clients in order to inform them of changes or cancellations. That is why we insist that you provide us with a valid contact mobile number (in international version) so that we note it within your reservation making it available to the shipping company’s staff. Unfortunately, many shipping companies fail to meet this obligation.

Our suggestion is that you contact the shipping company 24 hours before your trip; contact the port office of the ferry company you are traveling with. Contact details for the port offices are provided in the confirmation of your booking. Reconfirm the departure time is the same as indicated on your booking confirmation email. Make sure the weather conditions are suitable and that your ferry will depart as scheduled. Also reconfirm if you will be traveling with the ferry indicated in your reservation documents, as the ferry company retains the right to replace it by another in case of an emergency e.g. mechanical problems etc.
Example of correct mobile contact number in international version: country code + mobile number in international version (without dashes, spaces and parentheses).


What should I do if my itinerary is canceled?

Tickets for the canceled departure are not valid for boarding and must be replaced with a new boarding card for the next scheduled departure where there is availability.

CAUTION: Where the departure is delayed or canceled for reasons of force majeure (eg bad weather), passengers are requested to communicate with the port offices of the shipping company to be informed of the new departure time. We recommend that the passenger contacts the shipping company directly or the relevant maritime authority to confirm the cancellation of the journey.


I have just canceled my reservation – how do I get my money back?

The same way that you were charged! Either through your credit card or through your bank account. We will refund the amount due to you after deducting any fees charged by the shipping company and the cancellation fee of go-Ferry. Please be advised that any bank charges incurred will also be deducted.


Can I board with a vehicle other than the one I entered in the online booking process?

Yes for Greek domestic routes! Send us an e-mail with details of the new vehicle. Please note that this is only possible if the replacement vehicle is the same size as the one originally entered in the booking process. Please do not forget to send us your booking reference number.


If I can not travel, can I send someone else in my place?

Unfortunately not! The ticket is not transferable. The passenger named on the ticket must be the same person as the passenger who is traveling.


How do I find the port agent?

The address and contact number of the office at the port of embarkation and departure information is displayed on the electronic e-ticket which you should print out at the end of the online booking process. At every port, there are signs advising you of the location of each departure point. Usually, at each point, the shipping company has a kiosk which functions as the check-in desk. Note: In island ports, passengers should refer to the external agency check-in offices as described in your confirmation.


What do I need to present at the check-in desk?

The boarding tickets for reservations are made through our website, can be collected from the Port Agencies at the port of departure. A list of these collection points will also be sent to you in the booking confirmation email, after successfully completing your booking.
The Port Agencies / Booths / Kiosks to collect your boarding-tickets are open approx. 2-3 hours before each departure.

Passengers should present themselves at the boarding point at least two (2) hours (International routes) or at least forty (40) minutes (Greek domestic routes) before ship’s departure.
After this time, the shipping company reserves the right to cancel the reservation without any fare refund.

To collect the boarding tickets, you should present:
1) The Reservation Number and Access Code or the booking confirmation
2) Identification documents for each passenger (passports or I.D. cards)
3) Registration documents for the vehicle (if included in the reservation)

The shipping company reserves the right to refuse* boarding to passengers without the above necessary travel documents.

Important for vehicle holders
During check-in or boarding, the shipping company reserves the right to check/measure the dimensions of vehicles declared during the booking process. In case of discrepancies, passengers will be required to pay the difference.

• In the case of a ban on the entry of a passenger in another country, the return cost is borne solely by the passenger. If a fine is imposed by the Port Authority because of invalid documents of the passenger, then the penalty is payable by the passenger.
• Passport holders of all countries should contact the appropriate consulate for details regarding entry into another country.
• If a passenger wishes to disembark before the ship leaves port, or in another port than the stated original destination, they are obliged to declare it to the ship's accounting office and take with them all their baggage and vehicle.

*= Providers Terms & Conditions for cancellation are applicable in this case, too.


When does the check-in desk open and close?

Each shipping company has its own timetable. Usually, however, it opens two (2) hours prior to departure (on domestic routes within Greece) or three (3) hours prior to departure (for international routes eg. Greece - Italy). Please note that the check-in closes thirty (30) minutes prior to departure (on domestic routes within Greece) or forty-five (45) minutes before departure (for international routes). After this time, the shipping company reserves the right to cancel the reservation without any refund.


How long will it take to disembark my vehicle upon arrival?

Approximately 30 minutes. This depends however on the deck that your vehicle is on and the number of cars on board. More cars mean more time!


Are there parking spaces at the ports of departure?

This varies from port to port but most provide parking spaces.


What happens if I miss the boat?

This depends on the route and each shipping company. Your reservation is for a specific date, time, port, ship and shipping company. In many cases, the company may change your reservation for the next available departure by the same company, but this may incur cancellation charges in order to re-schedule a new departure. The best thing to do is to notify the check-in desk at the port of departure as soon as possible and we are sure you will be provided with a solution!


Will assistance be provided for elderly or disabled passengers?

Most ships have specially designed areas/cabins to better serve elderly passengers and those with disabilities. During check-in please make your special requirements known so that your needs can be catered for.


I want my pet to travel with me

You can safely take your pet with you! To travel with you, your pet must have a valid pet passport. All vessels have specially designated areas for pets traveling with their owners. Some ferries may also provide a limited number of cabins where you can take your pet with you. In this case, an additional surcharge to the cabin cost applies. Do contact us if you are in doubt. Please, be respectful of others by using a special case for small animals and a muzzle for larger dogs.


Are my details safe?

We will not sell, share, or provide your IP Details, Cookies, Personal Information and Location Data to others other than in accordance with our Privacy Policy or where we are required to do so by law.

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