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Minoan Lines discounts and offers

Adriatic destinations

Ancona-Greece and Venice-Greece
For passengers with or without vehicle.The offer includes a 20% discount and is valid under the following terms and conditions:
  • Valid for the Ancona and Venice line
  • Valid for one way and roundtrip tickets
  • Bookings must be made until 28th February 2018
  • Valid for travel dates between 1st January 2018 and 15 January 2019
  • The discount can be applied to all accommodation and vehicle categories
  • The Early Booking offer can be combined with other discounts
  • Bookings cannot be changed or cancelled after issuance
  • In case travel dates are changed the discount no longer applies and the price difference must be paid as soon as the new travel dates are confirmed
  • Valid for the Ancona and Venice line
  • Offered to all passengers over 60 years old travelling in any fare category with or without a vehicle.
  • Valid for all vehicle categories except for those vehicles using Camping on Board service.
  • Passenger’s proof of age is checked at embarkation against passport or ID card.
  • The offer is valid all year long.
Minoan Lines Ermässigung für Personen   20% FAMILY DISCOUNT
Ancona-Greece and Venice-Greece
  • For families/friends with 4 or more members that travel with their vehicle (1st category) in AES or DECK categories, at the same date and route.
  • All tickets must be issued under one reservation code.
  • The discount is not applicable to any other vehicle category or to passengers or vehicles using the service "Camping on board".
Minoan Lines Ermässigung für Personen   10% FAMILY DISCOUNT
Ancona-Greece and Venice-Greece
  • For families with 3 or 4 members that travel in A3, AB3, A4 or AB4 cabin category, with or without their vehicles, (all vehicles categories).
  4 PERSONS = 1 FREE (Greek domestic routes, only)
  • At least 2 out of 4 tickets must be issued as full fare tickets.
  • Valid for the midday itineraries on the Heraklion - Piraeus-Heraklion route.
  • Partial cancellation of tickets is not allowed.
  • The specific offer is temporarily not available to bookings through internet.
Minoan Lines ermässigung für familien   20% STUDENT DISCOUNT
Ancona-Greece and Venice-Greece
  • The discount applies to all categories except Deluxe cabins.
  • The discount is valid only for vehicles category 1 and for motorcycles.
  • The presentation of a valid student identity card is required, during ticket issuance as well as during check-in prior to boarding the vessel.
Minoan Lines ermässigung auf die rückfahrt   30% RETURN FARE DISCOUNT
Ancona-Greece and Venice-Greece
  • For international routes (Greece / Italy), this discount is valid only for the return leg of the trip.
  • The discount is provided to passengers-holders of aller/retour (round trip) tickets bearing the same time & date stamp.
  • The discount is also valid in combining international routes (e.g Ancona / Venice or vice versa).
Minoan lines ermässigung für klein kinder   100% CHILDREN DISCOUNT
  • Free deck passage
  • 50% discount for all cabin categories.
 Minoan lines ermässigung für kinder  


  • 50% discount for all accommodation categories
Ancona-Greece and Venice-Greece
  • The offer includes an inside cabin (AB2, AB3, AB4) and one free meal per person per route
  • All in the price of a deck passage per person plus the vehicle price
  • If you wish to take your pet in the cabin, there is a surcharge of only 25 Euro, per stretch. Pet Friendly cabins are bookable only via (email or by phone)
  • This service is valid throughout the year
  • Passengers are welcome to use all public areas of the ship
  • The supply of electricity for caravans and trailers is free
  • Limited availability
Offered in the “A la Carte” restaurant for passengers traveling in Deluxe cabins.
  • Gym
  • Steam Bath
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Offered to all passengers travelling in Deluxe cabins or Junior Suites on the ferries “Cruise Europa” and “Cruise Olympia”.
  • The offer does not apply to other services provided in the wellness centers, such as massages, body and facial treatments, solarium etc.
  • Valid for members of automobile clubs that participate in the “Show your Card!” program.
  • The 20-25% discount applies to all accommodation categories and private vehicles for all Minoan Lines routes.
  • This offer is cumulative with the Early Booking Discount and Return Trip Discount.
  • Card holders will be asked to present their ARC card during embarkation. Failure to present a valid card will result in payment of the respective price difference.

Minoan Lines Discounts and Offers


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