Ferry from Algeciras to Tanger

Lighthouse surrounded by pine trees At The Cape Spartel In Tanger

Explore Tanger's vibrant culture, historic medina and delicious cuisine. Book your ferry from Algeciras to Tanger today and have a wonderful holiday in Africa!

Algeciras, Spain, offers a vivid blend of records, natural beauty, and cultural study. Explore its quaint antique city, browse through the busy fish market, and learn about its rich history at the Museo Arqueológico. Relax on the sandy beaches of Rinconcillo or Getares, or go on a thrilling dolphin-watching excursion in the Bay of Gibraltar. For a cultural immersion, head to the Plaza Alta, the town's center, and savor delicious local foods while enjoying the pleasant Mediterranean weather.

Tanger, Morocco, offers an interesting mix of ancient and contemporary. Explore the winding lanes of the medina, the walled old city, and be enchanted by its vibrant souks filled with spices, artisan products, and local wares. Immerse yourself in the town's rich history at the Kasbah Museum, located in a seventeenth-century palace, or visit the American Legation Museum, which has the oldest American diplomatic possessions abroad. Escape the congestion and bustle at Tangier Beach, or continue your journey to the mythical Hercules Caves. As the sun sets, enjoy the city's vibrant nightlife and diverse culinary scene, which serves everything from traditional Moroccan dishes to world cuisine.

Algeciras Tanger ferry cost

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Duration of the journey

The ferry crossing time varies slightly depending on the specific ferry company and route chosen, but generally falls within a range of:

  • 30 minutes to 1 hour for high-speed ferries (hydrofoils)
  • 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes for conventional ferries

Distance between Algeciras & Tanger

The distance between Algeciras, Spain, and Tangeer, Morocco, is quite short, but depends on the port of arrival in Tanger (Tanger Med or Tanger Ville). The distance to Tanger Med is around 30 kilometers (20 miles) and to Tanger Ville 50 kilometers (31 miles).

Transportation in Algeciras and Tanger

Here's a breakdown of transportation options in Algeciras and Tanger:

Algeciras, Spain

  • Taxis: Taxis are a convenient way to get around the city of Algeciras, mainly for short journeys in the town center or to the port. They are easy to have and can be hailed on the road or booked in advance
  • Buses: Algeciras has a public bus network that connects the city middle with distinct neighborhoods and the port. Buses are a cheap manner to get around
  • Trains: Algeciras has a train station providing connections to other towns in Andalusia

Tanger, Morocco

  • Petit taxis: These small blue taxis are the most commonplace way to get around inside Tangier metropolis. They are rather less expensive, however ensure you negotiate the fare earlier than starting your journey
  • Grand taxis: These large, shared taxis are regularly used for longer distances or journeys outdoor the city. They typically go away from specific stations
  • Buses: Tanger has a public bus network, although routes and schedules can be much less organized than those in European cities
  • Walking: Tanger's medina (antique city) is a fascinating place to explore walking. However, be organized for slender streets and hilly terrain

Additional notes

  • In Tanger, it's customary to agree on a taxi fare before stepping into, in particular for longer journeys
  • Be aware of the traffic, specially inside the medina region of Tanger, as streets may be narrow and congested
  • Always use legal taxis and bring nearby foreign money in small denominations

Useful tips

  1. Compare prices and choose your ferry company: Several ferry corporations operate among Algeciras and Tanger. Compare costs, schedules and facilities supplied by way of every company earlier than booking your tickets. You can easily do this by filling the fields of your user-friendly booking engine
  2. Get to the ferry port in Algeciras: The ferry to Tangier departs from the Port of Algeciras. You can attain the port via taxi, bus or train:
    1. Taxi: This is the maximum convenient option, specially if you have bags. The adventure from Algeciras metropolis middle to the port takes about 15-20 mins and fees around €10-15
    2. Bus: Take bus lines 11 and 12 from Algeciras train station to the port. The adventure takes approximately 20-30 minutes and fees round €1.30
    3. Train: Take a teach to Algeciras station and join by taxi or bus to the port
  3. Check-in and board the ferry
    1. Arrive on the port at the least one hour before your scheduled departure, specially throughout top season
    2. Locate the take a look at-in counter to your ferry company and show your booking confirmation or tickets
    3. Go through passport and security exams
    4. Proceed to the targeted boarding gate and wait for your ferry to be referred to as
  4. Disembark in Tanger: Once you arrive in Tanger, either Tanger Med or Tanger Ville, disembark the ferry and follow symptoms to your preferred vacation spot. You can explore Tangier by means of foot, taxi, or with the aid of renting a vehicle

Additional tips

  • Book your ferry tickets from Algeciras to Tanger in advance, mainly all through top season (summer time months) and vacations
  • Check the weather forecast before your experience
  • Pack light garments and essentials. The ferry journey is short and the weather on both facets of the strait is typically heat
  • Be mindful of customs rules while coming into Morocco from Spain. You may also need to complete a visa utility relying for your nationality and the length of your live
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