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At go-Ferry we are committed to providing you a perfect overall experience when choosing to book your ferry-tickets with us.

go-Ferry.com ADVANTAGES

Take advantage of our benefits and make your booking with go-Ferry.com - one of the oldest and most comprehensive reservation platforms for ferry destinations in the Mediterranean Sea and the Greek Islands!

In the following lines, we report the comparative advantages of go-Ferry.com so that you know in advance the characteristics of our cooperation.

  • Travel with any kind of private vehicle (Car, SUV, Jeep, Minibus, Motorhome, Caravan, Trailer, Scooter, Motorcycle, etc)
  • Camping on board benefits
  • Clear pricing from the beginning
  • Easy comparison between same routes
  • Secure website and safe payments
  • go-Ferry benefits


go-Ferry.com CLEAR PRICING

Hidden fees are one of the more unpleasant things a consumer can encounter in today's world. Think of tax or port fees that get tacked onto the price of your ferry tickets, or transaction fees you have to pay when using your credit card to pay tickets online.

Some other sites use additional fees to raise prices at the end of a transaction, something that go-Ferry.com never does. As one of our guests, you deserve to know exactly what you'll pay right from the beginning. With upfront go-Ferry.com clear pricing, you know the exact cost of your ferry ticket before processing. A booking fee and any applicable surcharges and fees (of common credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard) are also calculated and included - just one price that remains the same from the beginning up to the end!



Secure Website
All personal information you provide is encrypted and secure according to EU rules!

We value your trust and will protect the security and privacy of any personal information you provide to us. Your personal information will only be used as described in our Privacy Policy.

Safe Credit Card Transactions
At go-Ferry.com we use the latest solution to Merchant’s Online Transaction Services. Not only does it provide us with professional and trustworthy support as well as the peace of mind knowing that our client's details are safe through Merchant’s Online Secure Payment System (some of the most advanced and well protected), giving you the confidence and trust that by purchasing at go-Ferry we will protect your security and privacy, using only the latest available technology ensuring you that we are one of the safest websites.

Bank Deposit Payments
You have the ability to pay the value of your ferry ticket by bank deposit/transfer...


go-Ferry.com BENEFITS

go-Ferry's benefits are enormous compared to its competitors on the internet.

We do not just offer a simple seat on board but we have specified all the features that sea transport might include.

  • Easy selection of all types of accommodation on board: economy or air-type seats, 2-bed, 3-bed, single and 4-bed cabins with sea or without a view, cabins for disabled passengers and accommodation for your lovely pets in friendly cabins or in kennels.
  • Travel onboard with any kind of vehicle: a car with baggage/boat trailer or without, minibus or motorhome with or without a trailer, jeep/SUV with or without a caravan, motorcycle with or without sidecar!
  • Τravel with friends in separate vehicles and share the cabin with them: With go-Ferry you can add up to 4 vehicles in the same reservation!
  • Benefits of a Camping onboard reservation: Perhaps we are the only booking platform that offers the choice of a Camping on-board reservation! Travel with a deck and vehicle fare and enjoy the hospitality of your motorhome/caravan (valid on some Italy-Greece-Italy routes and for a limited number of motorhomes/caravans)!
  • Easy to compare different shipping companies: Compare the ticket fare on the same results page and choose the one that suits your budget or your travel needs.
  • Take advantage of any discounts that are offered by each shipping company: In some results, you will see different ticket prices for the same route and same accommodation category. This usually happens on the Italy-Greece, Sardinia, or Sicily destinations as well as on the routes to Greek islands (rarely)! Do not miss any ticket discount like Early booking, season, or automobile-club membership discounted fare!
  • Automobile-club membership cards: With go-Ferry.com you can benefit from up to a 25% discount if you are the holder of a valid automobile club card!


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