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History of Venice

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A practical guide on how to get to the port of Venice, frequency of departures with timetables and ticket cost for each ferry route from/to Venice. Also find public transportation options including details for bus, train and airport terminals, as well as local transportation and transfer services.

Venice, the capital of Veneto region, according to a latest census in 2004 has a population of more then 270,000. It is located in the north-east part of Italy on numerous small islands that belong to the Venetian Lagoon.

The "City of Bridges", as it is usually called, stretches along the mouths of the Po and the Piave rivers.

Out of the 270,000 inhabitants, about 62,000 live in the historic center, or city of Venice, about 176,000 live in the mainland or "Terraferma", behind the lagoon, in locations like Mestre and Marghera, and all the others live on islands throughout the lagoon (islands around Venice are about one-hundred).

Also known as a magnetic point for sweethearts, lovers, artists and poets, Venice is a magic city, which stretches across numerous small islands. It is often refered to as the city of "gondole, which are the means of transportation used to cross the numerous canals passing through the city. GONDOLAS, in fact, are the most famous and romantic means of transportation for experiencing the city.

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