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Ferry Tickets 2023

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An easy guide for how to book and buy passenger and vehicle Ferry Tickets 2022 for traveling to the most Mediterranean ports. Explore the website and find all necessary details for the ferry routes to Greece, to Greek islands, Italy to Sardinia, Sicily, Tunisia, Morocco and Spain. Find schedules, prices, accommodation options, real time availability and helpful tips for transfer opportunities to the departure ports!


Ferry Tickets Online

Why book your Ferry Ticket online?

An online booking system can help you do more than just visit a tour desk. The booking technology has evolved to such an extent that many of the traditional travel agencies work with these websites to make their customers' reservations!

What the online booking of your ferry ticket offers you online

  • It's open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • More options
  • Unlimited information free of charge
  • Ability to compare prices
  • Flexibility in your choices
  • Manage the reservation on your own
  • Secure payments (credit card, PayPal, Bank Transfer)


Arrange your ferry ticket in advance

It is very important to arrange your ferry tickets in advance for the desired route. You don't want anything to go wrong and ruin your vacation due to negligence or delay. In addition to air-tickets and hotel accommodation, it is essential to secure your ferry tickets so that you know that everything is under control even before leaving home.

There are many reasons why you should arrange to book your ferry ticket in advance. Here are some of the most important:

Pay for a hotel without using it!

During the high season in Greece and other popular European destinations, and especially during peak periods (July, August, Easter, Christmas, Holy Spirit, etc.), it is likely that you won't find ferry tickets if you doν't book them in advance. So, don't make the mistake to book a hotel stay without having reserved the ferry-pass. The last thing you want is to get to the port and not find available tickets to your destination!

Save time!

Although we charge a commission for the sale of ferry tickets, however, this not only allows you to secure your tickets but also to save time; besides receiving a service and attention of first.

Have a bigger choice of tariffs and on-board accommodation options!

Buying in advance ferry tickets gives you more departure options, a wider range of ships, and all the desired options for onboard accommodation. It does not make sense to interrupt your vacations because you do not find available ferry tickets, but it has happened to many travelers!

Make the perfect connection!

If you want to organize your vacations properly, it is wise to check all the available schedules in order to make the right combinations between air-travel and ferry rides. If you follow the right combinations, you will save money and time!

Get the best offer!

Ferry tickets become expensive when booked some days before each departure, so it's natural to want to take advantage of the best offer. It is a common practice for the operators to announce special rates and deep discounts when tickets are booked at least 3-6 months in advance. Will you skip the offers?

Feeling great having the ferry tickets in your pocket!

You will feel a great feeling having the tickets in your hands. The reservation with go-Ferry.com will allow you to secure your tickets to your destination; you will be relieved to have the confirmation in your hands or in your smartphone!


Popular Ferry Tickets

go-Ferry was the first web-portal that fully implemented the issue of ferry tickets for ferries that were running between the Greek islands!

With more than 40 years of experience in the field of sea transportation services, go-Ferry has become one of the largest online ferry ticket booking platforms in the Mediterranean. There are over 50 ferry operators that provide ferry transportations within the Mediterranean sea and more than 500 ferry routes to choose from when it comes to making an online booking for popular ferry tickets with us.

Today, via the go-Ferry reservation system, you can book Greek Ferry Tickets as well as in most Mediterranean routes and have your ferry ticket issued at the same time!

Popular Ferry Tickets to Greek islands


Car Ferry Tickets

If you want to travel in your car to one of the offered Mediterranean countries, just drive up to one of the given departure ports and just hop on a car ferry and enjoy a wonderful trip!
From the northern part of Italy, the trips aren’t going to be particularly short but if you’ve got time to spare it can be a bit of forced relaxation or you can take an overnight trip and wake up in Greece, in Sicily or in Sardinia or as well as in Spain!

Book your car ferry tickets in advance to secure your journey.

Popular Adriatic Car Ferry Tickets

Popular Italian Car Ferry Tickets

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