Ferry from Paros to Santorini

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How to take the ferry from Paros to Santorini by Ferry, Ports description and recommendations for local public transportation services. Explore the website and find all necessary details for the ride between the Cyclades Islands; Schedules and prices, real time availability, helpful tips and accommodation options with  for fery transfer opportunities from Paros to Santorini!

How to get from Paros to Santorini by ferry?

The itinerary from Paros to Santorini by ferry is the best choice you have and it can be a very nice and exciting experience especially if there are intermediate stops on another island. Greek islanders are seasoned ferry experts and they prefer to travel by boat because of the convenience and flexibility it offers!

There is a selection of conventional ferries running frequently from Paros to Santorini with stops along the way. Cars are allowed on most ferries to the Cyclades at an additional fee and children usually travel at half price!

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Note: Each year and depending on the season, there may be more or fewer ferry connections from Paros to Santorini. The biggest shipping companies (ferry operators) announce the new schedules by the end of December and the rest by January-March!

Public transportation services on Paros and Santorini

Please click on Paros and Santorini and find useful suggestions on how to reach the port of Paros, tips for ground services and public transportation options by arriving in Santorini with the Ferry.

Schedules & fares from Paros to Santorini

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Book in advance the ferry Paros to Santorini

If your final destination is Santorini, do not neglect to book your ferry tickets early enough to avoid last-minute surprises! We are sure that you do not want to ruin your vacation or change your route because you will not find an itinerary available. How could you feel to be at the departure port and not be able to board the ferry from Paros to Santorini because it is fully booked?

See some reasons that make it necessary to book in advance the ferry from Paros to Santorini!

Useful information for your trip

Taking a ferry from Paros to Santorini is a popular way to travel between these two Greek islands. The journey takes around 3-4 hours depending on the type of ferry you take and the weather conditions.

There are several ferry companies that operate this route. The frequency of the ferries varies depending on the season, but there are usually several departures per day during the peak summer months.

It's important to book your ferry tickets in advance, especially if you're traveling during the high season. You can book online through our online booking system. It's also a good idea to arrive at the port early to ensure that you have enough time to board the ferry and find your seat.

The cost of the ferry ticket varies depending on the type of ferry you take and whether you choose economy or business class. Generally, economy class tickets are more affordable, but they may be less comfortable than business class seats.

During the ferry ride, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands. Some ferries also have onboard amenities such as cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Once you arrive in Santorini, you can explore the island's stunning beaches, traditional villages, and ancient ruins. Santorini is famous for its picturesque white-washed buildings and blue-domed churches, as well as its spectacular sunsets.

Overall, taking a ferry from Paros to Santorini is a convenient and enjoyable way to travel between these two popular Greek islands. Just be sure to book your tickets in advance and arrive at the port early to ensure a smooth journey.

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