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Ferries to Greek islands

Ferries to Greek islands

Ferries to Greek Islands offer so many beautiful destinations and it would be a shame to miss out on them by confining yourself to one place!
Greek island ferries are by the far the best option with lots of ships going between different Greek islands on a consistent basis. This is good for your wallet, but also offers another big benefit. A ferry ride will give you a great tour of the beautiful Aegean Sea. It's also a stress free way to travel: simply hop on the boat, sun yourself on the deck and before you know it you'll be at your next beautiful destination.
So if you are up for a bit of sea travel why not do a bit of hopping from island to island? Good ferries to Greek island makes this easy and affordable and will allow you to see a wide variety of beautiful sites on your trip to Greece. There are islands for everyone — those wanting to escape, those wanting to explore the remains of old civilizations and those just wanting to enjoy the sand, sea, tavernas and Greek food while revelling in some of the 300 sunny days a year. Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Amorgos, Mylos, Serifos, Crete, Rhodes, Symi, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Samos, Lesvos, Ikaria, Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Corfu, Ithaca, Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Kythira are the most visited.
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Ferries in Greece: Book your ferry tickets online! Ferries in Greece, the Greek Islands. We also propose information about the ferry companies and the routes available in Greece.

greek island ferries
Ferries to Greek islands

Ferries to Greek Islands

 Ag. Efstratios  Agistri  Aegina  Alonisos
 Amorgos  Anafi  Andros  Antiparos
 Astypalaea  Delos  Donousa  Zakynthos
 Iraklia  Thasos  Ithaki  Ikaria
 Inouses  Ios  Kalymnos  Karpathos
 Kasos  Kastelorizo  Kea  Corfu
 Kefalonia  Kimolos  Koufonisia  Crete
 Kythira  Kythnos  Kos  Leipsi
 Leros  Lesvos/Mytilini  Lemnos  Milos
 Mykonos  Mytilini  Naxos  Nisyros
 Paxoi  Paros  Patmos  Poros
 Rhodes  Samothraki  Samos  Santorini
 Serifos  Sikinos  Sifnos  Skiathos
 Skopelos  Skyros  Spetses  Symi
 Syros  Schinousa  Tilos  Tinos
 Ydra  Folegandros  Fournoi  Chalki
 Chios  Pserimos    
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Ferries to Greek islands

Book in advance

Ferry travel Greek islands is much like any other form of travel when it comes to finding the cheaper deals. The further you book in advance, the more likely it is that you will find a better choice of cheaper fares. Leave booking until closer to the time and those cheap tickets will have already been sold. Not only that, but chances are there may not be the full choice of tickets available for the times or crossings you require. So get organized and book early the ferry to Greek islands.

There are a many reasons why you should book your ferry to Greek islands in advance.
Here's some of the most important:
Greek islands are very popular routes that sell out well!
  • Don't be disappointed!
Reduce stress!
  • Don't waste time haggling with the local agencies.
Lock in your price for ferries to Greek islands!
  • Currency dips & price hikes won't affect you.
Save vacation time!
  • Plan & book now, not later.
Balance your vacation budget!
  • Charge ferry coasts on this month's credit card bill.
Select your accommodation
Conventional ferries Greek islands:
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars, WCs, decks are available for any class of accommodation.
  • Economy deck seats are spread all over the ship and you can seat wherever you want – the ones inside the ship, near the bar or cafeteria are better since they are more comfortable to sit, like armchairs. The ones outside are like swimming pool plastic chairs and tables – not comfortable for long trips, but fun to stay during the day, watching the beautiful blue sea and having a drink. The economy class stores the luggage in racks spread all over the ship, and sometimes not close to the place where you are sitting.
  • Air seats are numbered seats so each passenger is assigned a specific seat. They are large and comfortable and if you intend to take a nap, that’s good enough. The seats are in separate private rooms on the ship. The numbers refer to the location of these “rooms” and that doesn’t make any difference. They are all the same. You enter through a private door to the lounge and at the back you have racks to store your luggage. It’s like a first class wagon on a train.
  • Business class or/and VIP is a separate section with larger seats with the most comfortable seating. Both Business and VIP have their own bars, and are restricted to passengers holding tickets for those sections.

Highspeed and Sea Jets catamaran ferries to Greek islands:
  • Economy or/and Air seats are all that most people need. They are reserved/ numbered seats and roomier than economy on a jet airliner.
  • Business class or/and VIP is a separate section with larger seats on the upper deck with the most comfortable seating. Both Business and VIP have their own bars, and are restricted to passengers holding tickets for those sections.

Ferries to Greek islands

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